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Impact of Technology on the Future Lifestyle The impact of evolution of mankind is clearly seen in the twenty-first century where people are working all day to discover themselves. Not all things on the surface of the earth can be explained, there are still many things that scientist are yet to discover or explain it to the world on their existence. The world is moving very first, where people around the world are moving out of their traditions to discover other new things that the world has to offer. Moreover, people in the twenty-first century are running away from the earth biology, coming up with artificial world that is more intelligence and more sophisticated. Furthermore, there are many scientists all over the world who are trying to define how the future of human being will look like through analyzing various developments. Many scientist around the world are coming up with various hypothesis of the future of the earth, in regards to human intelligence, the technological advancement is the key influence of the changing world. With the influence of the technology in all sectors of life, people have come up with a blueprint of how the future will look like with machines being at the center of development. Having a clue of the future, many scientists have come to the conclusion that the world will require super intelligence machine that will work toward the development of the earth. Scientists are believed to be working against the biology of the world, coming up with an artificial super intelligence person that surpass any human being no matter how clever they are. There are various futurist speakers all over the world who have theories that are contradicting on the future of the human being. With the regards to the future, there are various things that many scientists have not put into consideration, that need to be deal with. The rate that environment is wasting away, there are those scientists who believe there will be no future. The complexity of the world is made up of various living organisms that survive in various part of the earth, in this case, scientists should put more emphasis on protection rather than destroying and recreating.
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The future of human being is more promising with the development of technology in various sectors of life that make work easier. There are various futurist technology books from various scientists who explain various transformations in the development of human being. Nevertheless, for the purposes of planning and keeping up with the dynamism of the world, it is important to put on the consideration various futuristic speakers paying more attention to the things to come. With various development experiences the last few decades, it is evidence that the world is changing to artificial world, in this case, having hope for the future where everything will be perfect.Understanding Experts