Did Silicon Valley Hijack The Definition Of Know-how? (2)

Every year, technological units grow to be quicker, smaller, and smarter. Your mobile phone holds more info than the room-sized computer systems that despatched man to the moon. In my essay Can Right this moment’s School College students Solve World Issues? , I talk about how technological advances like the green revolution and extra fuel-environment friendly vehicles solved many of the problems that I frightened about as as college freshman in 1979. Yet technological solutions also cause new issues, like how the gasoline engine made travel sooner and simpler but also raised concerns about air air pollution and world warming.

Now, this is not at all times a bad thing, though typically it is vitally bad. I bring it up to call attention to the truth that what we too simply name progress” is at all times problematic. The phrase comes trippingly to the tongue, however when you examine what it means, you uncover that know-how is at all times a Faustian cut price. It giveth and it taketh away. And we’d all be clearer about what we are moving into if there were much less cheerleading about, allow us to say, the use of computers within the classroom and more sober analysis of what may be its costs intellectually and socially.

What’s occurring? YouTube has created a Prime Followers feature, making it easier for creators to keep up a correspondence with their most influential and most engaged followers. Announced last week, Prime Fans will characteristic a dashboard for creators, a feed of Prime Followers’ activity and the ability to put up content exclusively to High Fans. Plus, if a creator syncs their Google+ and YouTube accounts, making a circle for his or her Top Followers, they are going to have the ability to access demographic information about them.

Glass screens – very like iPad screens or these seen on many of at this time’s laptops – reflect something and every thing in front of them like a mirror, particularly lamps and lights. During dark scenes, you will be seeing your reflection, your home windows and your lamps. On a matte (as soon as again – what most LCD screens are), you’ll see things that generate gentle, besides they’ll be heavily suppressed and much much less noticeable. Just a few food for thought.

CHRISTOPHER SOGHOIAN: I imply, we need so much. We’d like a technically knowledgeable FISA courtroom. We need controls over home surveillance. But we also need—we’d like strict oversight and legislative controls over what NSA does overseas, which right now are largely regulated under Govt Order 12333. Many of the scary issues that NSA does, it does not must go the FISA courtroom to get approval for, and I feel we actually have to rein that in.