Fragmented Audiences & Consciousness (7)

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The difficulty that divided the British and the Boers, and the newspapers that represented them, was centered on the external insurance policies of the government. The Afrikaans press realized that it was more worthwhile to focus on internal insurance policies and particularly on the questions of race. This is what the Afrikaners/English press is doing to the ANC-led authorities right now. One now becomes aware as to where all this press hullaballoo of the proposed media tribunal traditionally originates from.

Fascinating stories from 100 years ago and fascinating insights. Thanks for putting them into historic context. After I look again on tales my grandmothers advised me of which, tales that befell one hundred years in the past and had been a part of their lifetime, I additionally suppose that my grandchildren could keep in mind a hundred years from now the stories I tell them of my grandmothers.

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They say that what appears to be envisaged is a government-appointed ‘unbiased’ tribunal which might serve as a discussion board for interesting resolution made by the press ombudsman, and which might be accountable to parliament. The truth that the tribunal could be accountable to Parliament was chilly comfort. Ultimately what this would quantity to, was, government oversight over the media, which couldn’t be countenanced in a democratic state.