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American Psychological Affiliation; Aerospace Educator for Civil Air Patrol; Long-time Researcher into Sciences, Indigenous Peoples, Aerospace; Instructor in STEM and Workforce Training; Professional Movie Critic. ninth Dan Black Belt Grandmaster & Consultant to Olympic & World Class athletes.

The key to any Extemporaneous speaker’s success is of their tub. Set up it. Handle it, and your analysis will handle you. Obviously each Extemper has their own system for filing-these are just a few strategies and words of recommendation. Have anything to add? Please share your wisdom with feedback below, for what works for one might not work for another.

What bones are to our bodies, the cytoskeleton is to cells. The cytoskeleton maintains cellular structure, builds appendages like flagella and, along with motor proteins, powers cellular motion, transport, and division. Microtubules are a essential element of the cytoskeleton, very important for cell division and, due to that, a superb target for chemotherapy drugs.

DEBATE ON EVOLUTION IS NOT OVER, contrary to Hitchen’s claim. In Darwin’s time not enough science was identified to refute macro-evolution. There was no understanding of genetics. Darwin thought the cell was only a simple glob. Nobody knew about DNA, RNA, proteins. Modern evolutionists now know but the concept is entrenched as gospel and loads of private motives and grant money are at stake as effectively. Simply saying that something evolved does not make it so! Learn my article STRUGGLE AMONGST EVOLUTIONISTS!

Aside from double stars, neglect optical illusions. You see what you see. Stars are one colour from the bottom and one other colour from orbit. Ground colour is what ought to go into newbie astronomy star charts and guides and tables and catalogues. Colour from orbit is information that needs to be obtainable to area tourists since it will be of no curiosity to physicists who research optics. They see what they see. It’s sufficient that we benefit from the colors if we’re not doing scientific analysis or professional astronomy. We see what we see.