The Digital Wallet (3)

What is quiz bee? It is among the occasions held in faculties to check the mental capabilities of students in several topics similar to science, mathematics, social science, present occasions, and general information. Some quiz bee competition is confined to a selected area comparable to arithmetic, bible, science, chemistry, physics, data and expertise, and technology and livelihood training (tle) and the list goes on.

My only concern, on this Hub, is how I may use, apply and venture the effects and impacts of Media ecological Surroundings has on the poor of South Africa, and how this may be alter, ameliorated and upgraded to succeed in a mass essential consciousness for the disposed. I will solely use the theories and musing of the Gurus of Media Ecology to result in this awareness and information t the good thing about the Poor Africans of south Africa, en masse.

In America, a dedicated newbie neighborhood — the biohackers” or grinders” — has been experimenting with implantable expertise for several years. Amal Graafstra, a 38-year-old programmer and self-styled adventure technologist”, has been inserting numerous types of radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips into the soft flesh between his thumbs and index fingers since 2005. The chips might be read by scanners that Graafstra has put in on the doorways of his house, and also on his laptop, which supplies him entry with a swipe of his hand without the need for keys or passwords.

MySpace and Twitter increasingly foreground an strategy to mass communication in which the individual viewers member operates on nearly equal footing with traditional institutional communicators. The brand new media environment is one during which the instruments of participation in public discourse and artistic exercise are way more broadly distributed (Beer and Burrows, 2007; Benkler, 2006; Kendall, 2008).

In 2029 the processing power will be boosted on such a scale that every one gadgets shall be saved on only a contact lens. Interface can be doable by speech and holographic interface. All devices shall be fully integrated with eachother, and able to communicate with eachother, without human interference. Everybody will probably be obliged to have a RFID-chip implanted. This chip can communicate with surrounding units without noticing its own host (that’s you).