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What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP phone systems are a mode of telephone communication that makes use of the internet using a technology referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology works by using the internet to transmit audio in form of data packets over the internet to a computer or a landline phone. With the recent developments that have been made to the technology, VoIP has become clearer and of a higher quality and more businesses have begun to see its necessity in the daily operations. Not only does the system work well, it is also less costly compared to the regular phones especially when making calls across long distances.

VoIP isn’t just meant to make phone calls alone. You can also make use of it in instant messaging applications as long as they have a voice option. Finding these applications isn’t a problem as many developers have begun creating even more sophisticated programs for this technology. The applications aren’t just meant for businesses, but also for homes.

In order to use VoIP, you should have a microphone, a computer, and a headset. Both parties who are engaging in the conversation need to have a high speed internet connection too. Other things that are needed is a soundboard and an up-to-date VoIP software. If you are using a standard phone, you will need to get a phone adapter to convert it into a VoIP phone. Installing a VoIP phone service is very easy and many businesses are slowly acknowledging and installing these systems.
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Shifting from a traditional phone system to a VoIP phone system requires minor upgrades on the existing system. Your old phone systems will need to be connected to phone adapters in order to enable them communicate over the internet. The adapter is normally fitted between the phone system and the modem.
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Not only are phone adapters easy to install, they also come with installation manuals to guide you through. You only need to power off your computer and connect the adapter to the modem and then plug it in to the adapters phone jack. After everything has been connected, switch the system back on. Of course you need the relevant software installed before you can use VoIP.

VoIP either comes as corded or cordless forms depending on what you need. The new versions of corded telephones provide many advantages including a 3-way conferencing and phone to PC/Phone connections for a direct dial, among other features such as call waiting, call transfer, and programmable keys. As a business owner, you need to embrace VoIP due to these and many other benefits. It is easy to implement and also costs very little in maintenance.