Understanding Eco-Friendly Technology and Examples

When we see, hear and feel, then will emerge a real condition that is enough to make our hearts sad. Hot temperatures, floods everywhere, rising sea levels and traffic congestion are examples of irrefutable phenomena that adorn our lives today.

The lack of land for water catchment and chaotic spatial structure is suspected to be the main cause of flooding. Often raised the issue of global warming both in online media and research articles, which of the several exposures are many of which led to pressure on all parties to immediately apply environmentally friendly technology.

Understanding Examples of Eco-Friendly Technology

Understanding environmentally friendly technology is a method or system to achieve certain goals which in its implementation refers to environmental insight and or pay attention to the rules of the environment around it. From that sense has inspired the birth of various applied technology, which is safe as well as friendly with the living creature or nature around it. Technology that is now widely circulated includes several aspects of human life, including in the consumer electronics sector. Admittedly indeed, to be able to get this technology costs are quite expensive when compared to buying equipment with conventional technology. The condition is certainly a challenge for us primarily the developers to create green technologies that are environmentally friendly but also affordable (cheap).

The green earth with its natural riches is the most beautiful gift of God. Like its predecessors, it is a gift that has been poured out since we were first born and breathed the air in this world. As the most civilized creatures, human beings should play a more active role in order to preserve and preserve this environment. Of course everyone wants a clean environment from all forms of pollution. Both water, air and soil are the three main elements that we must guard its sustainability. Whenever it can not be avoided, at least can be minimized. However, to make it happen is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

All parties must synergize and move in unison. Do not let the parties intervene simply because it brings political interests and groups whose implications can hamper the initial goal of environmental conservation. From the understanding of environmentally friendly technologies and examples as we have described above, hopefully can be an inspiration for us all.

Diseases caused by Unfriendly Technologies

Once we know the understanding of the nature of environmentally friendly technology and examples of its application in our lives, then in this sub-chapter we will discuss a little about various diseases that will be generated from the use of technology that is not friendly to the environment. Here are some diseases that will arise from the use of technology that is not environment good:

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is a very deadly disease and is feared by many people, therefore it costs a lot to cure this disease. Use of technology that is not environmentally friendly will cause the occurrence of air pollution which is the main factor causing lung cancer.


Emphysema is a disease caused by constriction of the respiratory tract, this disease is a type of disease caused by air pollution caused by technology that is not environmentally friendly.

Decreased Fertility Rate

Based on a study, explaining that air pollution such as motor vehicle fumes can reduce fertility rates in sperm cells and ovaries.

Brain Cell Nerve Damage

Based on a fact that there is evidence that the pollution caused by technology that is not friendly to the environment will cause the destruction of brain cells.

IQ decline

Based on a study showed that the accumulation of lead levels in the air greatly affect the decrease in IQ in children.