Role of Technology in Education

The rapid pace of developments in technology, particularly information and communication technologies in the last decade brought a very big change in the areas of life including education activities. Utilization of communication technologies, especially in developing.

Along with advances in information and communication technology such, requires a major change in the national education system. As we know our education is a legacy of the old education system that it is to memorize facts without meaning. The process of education is also just like pouring water in the bottle so there is no effect on the ability to search for something and the creation of something new. Good national education system must be able to present a quality education because education aims at transferring the values and capabilities to other parties that are expected to seek and create something new.

Communications and information technology continues to grow is likely to affect all areas of life including the field of education and training that will be increasingly characterized by communication and information technologies. Application of information and communication technology has enabled the creation of a global learning environment associated with the network that puts the student in the middle of a learning process, is surrounded by a variety of learning resources and electronic learning services. To that end, the conventional education system ought to show a friendly attitude with an alternative way of learning that is loaded with technology.

The main problem facing our nation, especially in the field of education in the era of globalization (especially the global market) is the low level of the quality of human resources. This trend requires us to be more proactive in improving the professionalism of workers in the fields of education, only with the level of professionalism that is reliable, can affect the educational culture of management of human resources management more traditional to modern.

Communication technology is an extension of science communication with the base technologies such as wireless, internet, robot, computers and so on. With the technology that is expected is no longer the time / distance communication.

Information technology and communications technology can not be separated. Both are mutually supportive. The role that can be provided by the application of information technologies and communication technologies are getting information for personal life such as information about health, hobbies, recreation, and spiritual. Then for professions such as science, technology, commerce, news, business, and professional associations. Developments in information technology spurred a new way of life, of life began until the ending, this kind of life is known as e-life, meaning life has been influenced by a variety of needs electronically.