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Intellectual TechnologyThe human race has been around for thousands of years. Archaeological discoveries have dated human bones way back to 500,000 years in the past. Every age has seen some sort of progress. Starting with hunter gatherers, humans progressed from living in caves to discovering methods to build fires and using hand tools. But this Primitive Technology took thousands of years for the Human Mind to know.

To conclude, while technology advancement brings millions of benefits to our lives, it additionally brings an equal magnitude of negativities. While we take pleasure in these benefits, we must continually be wary of the issues arising from technological development. Therefore, as responsible human beings, we must not permit ourselves to be controlled by technological devices however, moderately, to solely use them as tools to additional enhance our lives for the effectively-being of our very own selves, a bright future for our offspring and theirs and, most importantly, the continuation of the present stability of society. All in all, the longer term is here. Let us, the creators of the creations, stay in management. Not the opposite method around.

But, what are Science and technology? Science is the intellectual and practical exercise encompassing the systematic study of the structure and habits of the physical and natural world by commentary and experiment (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, Eleventh Edition). It is the examination of the understanding of the natural world. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for sensible functions (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary). It is using the assets made obtainable by nature to procreate and make adjustments.

An wonderful dialogue. I sincerely think that, for a time, technology has been advancing beyond human reasoning, however we are now shifting again in the course of designing hardware and software that’s MEANT to jive effectively with the best way our brains work. Look on the growing area of neuromarketing and you will see this is positively the case- plus consider the way that a few of the most successful new products are designed: they’re very intuitive and use simple gestures, pokes, and rudimentary human actions as a substitute of more obscure clicks and codes. It’s quite fascinating!

We say that modern technology helps us reach out even to these kinfolk and friends in different international locations. But the reality is that communication has been blocked as a result of we are extra focused on the games and other similar activities quite than having dialog with our families. Because we always on the lookout on what’s the newest happening on-line, we are likely to neglect the individuals round us. Everyone is busy with their very own activities that we oftentimes took as a right what we need to give priorities to.