Uses For Compressed Air

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Compressed air has all sorts of uses in our daily lives. It is air packaged under great pressure then packaged for use by the consumer. Here are some uses for compressed air.

Air Brake System

Many large vehicles and trains utilize an air production system with compressed air. The braking systems on these vehicles. The compressed air presses the brake pad down and holds it in place. The friction of the pad slows down the vehicle then holds it still. 

Breathing Air

Scuba divers use compressed air in their apparatus so that they can breathe under water. The air, which is strapped in a canister on your back, is released gradually into your mouthpiece. The air is purified so that it can be inhaled and is composed of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases that happen organically in normal air.

Keeping Food Cool

Compressed air can be used in a refrigerator to keep things inside cold. This process happens through a vortex tube. The air is pushed into the tube and separated into two streams, one hot and one cold. The cold is directed through the refrigeration unit, causing the internal area to be cool.

Air Soft Weapons 

Paintball and BB guns are operated by compressed air. Cylinders of air are attached to the weapon before it is fired. The pressurized flow pushes the ammunition out of the chamber until it is fired. It propels the pellet out at a great force so that it reaches its intended target.


Canned air is used to spray dust and debris off sensitive electronic parts. These can be as simple as your computer keyboard or the hard drive. Engineers that build electronic parts can keep their equipment clean with compressed air so that they will fit into the larger component better and that the whole unit works efficiently.