Know-how Bistro (2)

This week while engaged on the resources for the monthly Digital Teacher Challenge in my district, I spent some time digging into Apps. Our theme for February is Get Appy! I targeting apps for all completely different instruments as now we have Chromebooks (Chrome Webstore and related Apps), iPads (iOS Apps), and Android Tablets (Google Play Apps). Through this research I came across so many nice resources both app and net-based mostly, I thought it was a disgrace to not share right here as properly! So here’s Five for Friday!

The stream is touching up on many individuals and organizations. companies and people; bono-revenue, authorities businesses, political parties and candidates, church buildings, colleges, sports, professional providers individuals; subscribers, voters. volunteers, candidates, donors and so forth. So, all these teams, peoples and entities flip to the Internet in quest of informationm knowledge and anything that must be dealt with or addressed or researched. the quickly realized that the PR honchos on the Web were working assudiously very onerous not only to draw consideration solely, however to construct relationhsips with unusual customers.

We now know the way TELEVISION and the Net are affecting and figuring out what and the way people suppose, reside and act. The evolution of communications media as described above by the 2 articles I’ve simply posted, present us how, as we interact with and use the current-day media gizmos and their methods, we’re reworked and we modify our entire human person too. It is at this juncture that I’ll make the most of Ong to provide us a sense what is going on with media versus human communication.

We already have Star Trek- and Jetsons-like video-chat capabilities. Fairly than require the massive, clunky monitors that we saw George Jetson and Captain Kathryn Janeway use, ours use free Facetime and Skype apps that run on smartphones and laptops. Holodeck-type video conferences have additionally been doable for several years. I ‘spoke through hologram’, in 2011, to a bunch of entrepreneurs in Uruguay using technology that a small company there, ‘Hologram’, had developed. Remember ‘the holographic message’ from Princess Leia to Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Star Wars? That’s how my beamed picture looked.

Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping youngsters from their parents’ arms, or are we a nation that values families and works together to keep them collectively? Are we a nation that educates the world’s best and brightest in our universities solely to send them dwelling to create businesses in nations that compete in opposition to us, or are we a nation that encourages them to remain and create jobs right here, create businesses right here, create industries right here in America? That’s what this debate is all about.