The Purpose of a WAF Or Web Application Firewall

There are several different purposes for a¬†WAF (web application firewall). The main ones are to prevent attacks on application-layer services, protect data from leakage, and block DDoS attacks. They can also monitor incoming traffic. We’ll cover the basics of firewalls and how they can benefit your web business. Then, this article will discuss a few of the most common types of attacks.

Protects Applications From Attacks on the Application Layer

To protect applications from attacks on the application layer, administrators must implement adequate security measures to keep them safe. Unfortunately, application layer attacks are challenging to detect and prevent because they target vulnerabilities hidden in proprietary application code. In addition, zero-day vulnerabilities are particularly interesting to cyber criminals because a security solution cannot see them. Also, the human factor can play a role in these attacks. This is why application-layer protection is critical.

Application layer DDoS attacks are …

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Ladies Hostels In Kakkanad, Near Infopark

Info TechOur mission is to provide internet options in such a manner that small and mid-dimension companies have an affordable option, without sacrificing the standard and experience that’s usually associated with massive, diverse and¬†expensiveagencies.

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