Google Now Enhance Voice Recognition Features

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Google Assistant is reportedly getting better at recognizing sound

Google says it is tinkering with training procedures for its Voice Match feature, which allows Google Assistant to recognize the voice of up to six people on one speaker, screen, or device supported by an Assistant, such as Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub Max.

Reporting from the Tech Hive page, Google Assistant previously recognized the voice with the phrase ‘Hi Google’, but the new process will give the Assistant a few more phrases to recognize.

When users train Google Assistant to use Voice Match

users are asked to repeat a series of phrases, including “OK Google, play my practice playlist,” “OK Google, where is the nearest post office,” “Hey Google, remind me to buy flowers,” and “Hi Google, what time the sun rises. “

“Using more and longer phrases during Voice Match training will enable Google Assistant to better

Green Energy Isn’t Just For Hippies Anymore!

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Did you know that green energy can help you to pay less for your electric and gas bills?

You can also use less money in cleaning products. Green energy can help you save a lot of money, if you know the right ways to use it wisely. Here are a few ways that you can use green energy today.

Speak with your utility company about receiving your electric power from a renewable source. Many metropolitan areas get some of their power from hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, or wind powered plants. Often, the electric company can simply apply a certain amount of your electric bill to renewable energy without you needing to make any other changes.

If your exhaust fans are more than five years old, consider replacing them with newer more efficient models. Each year you should examine each exhaust fan in your home for damage and replace the filter. A …

Are u Addict to Instagram ?


Like smartphones, social media can also make people addicted.

Because I already enjoy playing on social media, we can be complacent for a long time and linger with it. In the end, we don’t even care about the environment.

Instagram doesn’t want its users to be anti-social because it’s too long to use the platform.

Recently, Instagram released a tool that allows users to limit the time in the application.

Here’s how to limit Instagram usage time

To use this device, users can open the Settings option in the Instagram application. Then, select the “Your Activity” option, then, select “Your Time on Facebook”.

At the very top, users will see a dashboard containing the average time they spend on the Instagram application.

Under the dashboard, users can set a daily reminder to remind if they have reached the maximum time to use Instagram on that day.

Uniquely, users can change …

Role of Technology in Education

The rapid pace of developments in technology, particularly information and communication technologies in the last decade brought a very big change in the areas of life including education activities. Utilization of communication technologies, especially in developing.

Along with advances in information and communication technology such, requires a major change in the national education system. As we know our education is a legacy of the old education system that it is to memorize facts without meaning. The process of education is also just like pouring water in the bottle so there is no effect on the ability to search for something and the creation of something new. Good national education system must be able to present a quality education because education aims at transferring the values and capabilities to other parties that are expected to seek and create something new.

Communications and information technology continues to grow is likely to affect …

2 Artificial-intelligence growth stocks shaping the future of technology

Innovative Technologies Have regularly reshapled the world. In the last few decades, invention like the personal computers, the internet, and the smartphone have dramatically enhanced human productivity, while creating trendous wealth in the processes.

And Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to be the next transformative technology. In fact, Research Company McKinsey estimates that Ai Could Bould Global Economic Output by 16% (OR $ 13 Trillion) Between 2018 and 2030.

Companies Like Nvidia (NVDA -2.30%) and Lemonade (LMND -2.19%) could be major benefits of that trend because both are using ai to shape the future of technology.

1. Nvidia: The Gold Standard in AI Infrastructure

In 1999, Nvidia inventoryed a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industries with its ability to render realistic computer graphics. But GPUS have also become the accelerators of choice for complex data-center workloads such as scientific computing and ai. Today, Nvidia

‘Top secret’ drone-blocking technology ‘will be deployed in London for Queen’s funeral’

A no-fly zone has been put in place over London, with security forces deploying cutting edge technology to stop drones flying near the Queen’s funeral.

In what is set to be one of the biggest security operations in British history, Scotland Yard is pulling out all the stops to ensure today’s service and procession go off without at hitch.

At least 10,000 police officers, including 2,000 from around the UK, will be guarding central London and the 23-mile route to Windsor Castle today.

On the ground many roads and bridges will be shut to traffic, and 23 miles of barriers have been put up to control crowds that are expected to reach into tens of thousands.

In the skies no chances are being taken, with the Civil Aviation Authority putting a no-fly zone in place over the capital – this will include the prohibition of drones.

To help enforce this

China has returned helium-3 from the moon, opening door to future technology

The Chinese Chang’e 5 mission has returned a new mineral from the lunar surface. Chinese scientists call the mineral “Changesite-(Y).” The mineral has been described by the state-operated news agency Xinhau as a “kind-of colorless transparent columnar crystal.” Also, the Chinese claim that the new mineral contains helium-3, an isotope that many scientists have connected as a potential fuel for future fusion reactors.

The crystal mineral was exceedingly tiny, about one-tenth the size of a human hair. The new mineral is of immense interest to lunar geologists. The helium-3 that it contains has the potential to change the world.

Scientists have known the lunar surface contains deposits of helium-3 since the Apollo program. The main advantage of helium-3 fusion over fusion using tritium and deuterium, isotopes of hydrogen, is that it doesn’t create radioactive neutrons. Its main disadvantage is that achieving a controlled fusion reaction with helium-3

WA will be a launch pad for silicon technology to boost EV batteries

MALTBY, Snohomish County — Just across the road from a cafe boasting the world’s largest cinnamon rolls is a small manufacturing plant carved out of the woods of what was once rural Western Washington.

Inside this building, carbon is infused with a silicon gas to produce a black powdery substance that high-profile investors hope will be a key component of the next generation of electric car batteries enabling them to travel farther between plug-ins, recharge faster and cost less.

“It’s transformational,” said Rick Luebbe, chief executive officer of Group14 Technologies, which opened the Maltby plant in 2021 and has raised $441 million in funding. The company employs nearly 100 people, and the industrial workplace north of Woodinville has the excitement of a startup company. A research laboratory is under construction in one corner of the building as production is underway elsewhere.

Group14 is one of more than 20 companies launched

Help! I Messed Up with My Kids’ Technology

If I’d known how bad social media was going to be for my kids, I would never have given them a phone. They’re older now—in their late teens and early 20s—and are wrestling with issues like eating disorders, addiction, and sexuality. I feel like I totally messed up. What can I do?

As a counselor, I’ve observed how social media affects young people in serious ways. Kids who were given devices too soon, without education or discipleship or much accountability, are now wrestling with significant issues, such as addictive tendencies, depression, discontentment, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, risky behaviors, and FOMO.

Rather than being a source of wisdom, social media can breed a value system that leads youth away from Christ and a biblical worldview. It promotes worldly wisdom, and you’ve inadvertently granted them access to that world.

It’s a common parenting misstep; we often take our cues from what other