Marvel’s Shattered Heroes (4)

The Division of Vitality releases the second Quadrennial Technology Overview (QTR), exploring the current state of technologies and R&D in key vitality sectors.

It does not matter, there’s this transformation of an industrial society into a fully functional Technological society of the Jacques Ellul mode, the Twitter has introduced anew and unique way of handling, processing and distributing memes, zines and information circulation On Board the Twitter is the world group in haste to inform, connect comply with, discover follower, ship youtube streams, Information agency with their streams bringing news and others peddling their wares inside the context or space of 141 letters, broaden and make the Twitter person-pleasant to their adherents.

Rushkoff factors to the movie and its subsequent use within the media as the beginning of a brand new era of cultural discontinuity. The film was repeated continuously, analysed frame by frame, again and again the footage gave no real solutions, rather it created more questions and increased the discontinuity of the occasion.Rushkoff identifies three reactions to the event and movie – the first is to disregard the discontinuity fully, to simply accept the official explanation as satisfactory, ignore the outstanding questions, and go on with life.

I suppose the movies above are but just one tiny speck of a myriad points affecting and effecting American Shamocracy, as I would like to call it. It is only a bluff and a ploy to begin tot think of America as the No. 1 leader of democracy on the planet, when the real democracy in America will not be observed, and the voting rights of the Africans in America are shortly being whittled aways. As I had begun talking about Obama and his ascendancy into the presidency, this has irked and riled plenty of Racist Whites who can wrap their heads round the truth that Obama is president, now going for the top of his second ten as President.

Nonetheless another narrative—generally known as the Protestant Ethic—tells of how exhausting work is among the pathways to a fulfilled life. There are lots of other such narratives on which the whole enterprise of schooling in this country has rested. If teachers, children, and their parents no longer believe in these narratives, then colleges turn out to be houses of detention moderately than consideration.