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Guide to Instagram and the Reasons why Businesses Should Use This Social Media Platform for their Marketing Tool

Today a lot of people are finding the social media platform Instagram (short for instant camera and telegram) to be a very powerful and effective marketing tools where millions of people see your products or brand and grow a strong following from those who could related to that brand.

Instagram is where one is capable of taking a picture or a video over one’s mobile phone and sending them for the purpose of sharing them. If you are a business using Instagram, you simply need to post the right images and consumers can see your marketing message without having to do your sales pitch. Even without selling your products or services to viewers, posting the right instagram image would create an appeal to viewers.

And this is especially true these days when most of social interactions are infused with visuals like snapping quick photo to text to a friend, or posing at a bar for a selfie and etc. Now we realize the importance of visual content on social networks to help businesses market their products online. And it is here where you see the power of the word of mouth, only in the form of pictures to visually market your products across marketing channels existing today.
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Below is one good example of using instagram on your site which will help you to connect with customers across multiple channels and increase cross channel engagement. Let’s say, you display a photo from your Instagram account and post them into your website. So if there is a visitor in your site who is browsing your website, though he may not be your Instagram follower, may be encourage to follow you after seeing your photo gallery where they can click through to see your account, follow you, and reconnect with you later. This can happen vice versa where the person is in Instagram which can lead them to your website.
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This is just an example of how you can cross over a single photo to another channel, and there are a lot of other channels from which you can make these links.

You can be use that traffic that comes from Instagram photos are people who are super engaged. Meaning, it drives a more engage traffic than any other social channel simply because it is a mobile app. What is great about Instagram is that it is mobile and this means that if you have questions to ask about the photos or video that you are viewing you can get instant answers to it. And it being a mobile app makes these original photos and videos impromptu footages.