Google Introduces New Search Feature, Discussion and Forum

Since launching in 1998, Google has become one of the largest technology companies in the world. The company is familiar with the “search engines” that humans rely on to find information. In fact, its accuracy is more trusted than asking someone else!

When you search for a word or key phrase on Google, this powerful search engine will show you various sites that offer the information you need. The question is, which one should we believe? Not infrequently, information that is not needed is also mixed into it.
Therefore, Google continues to improve the performance of its search engine. To be more relevant and accurate, Google introduced two of its newest features, “Discussion and forum”. What does Google offer this time with the Discussion and forum feature?

Discussion and forum show results from online forums on the internet

With this Discussion and forum feature, Google collects information from various online forums in cyberspace. So, if you search for something on Google, not just website results, Google will also show you links to relevant forum posts, even those containing reviews and suggestions from forum members.

For example, if you search for “best family car,” Google will show not only the site, but also forum posts that also include relevant advice (mostly based on personal experience) from forum members about cars that are suitable for transporting family members.

News translation (While only available for English)

In addition to Discussion and forums, Google also brings new features in its search engine. With this feature, Google hopes to overcome language problems when reading foreign news. So, in addition to the native language, Google will display news articles in the user’s local language.

Based on its translation capabilities, Google launched the translation feature of this news still into certain languages, namely French, German, and Spanish into English.