Importance of Data Backups in a Cloud Hosting Solution

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Cloud Hosting is one of the most advanced types of hosting solution one can ask for. Not only it is a reliable hosting option but also comes with a flexible pricing structure, so you can pay only for the resources you use. Although it is a more secure option compared to the more traditional hosting types, still at times may become vulnerable to cyberattacks. It becomes more than necessary to have a solid data back and recovery plan in today’s world of rising cyberattacks. 

Why is it important to have a backup plan?

Cyber threats are on the rise: Each year, the number of cyberattacks is getting more than doubled compared to the previous year. Business with sensitive information is more prone to cyber threats. Prevention is better than cure, and it is incumbent upon businesses to have a resilient backup and recovery plan to protect themselves from data breaches. 

Reputation is at stake: Trust is the most important factor on which any business would thrive. Once data breach reports reach the public, they start pulling away. Also, during downtime, no work could be initiated.

Simple recovery: If it happens that your data storage has been invaded, it can easily be recovered through your most recent backup file.

Competitive advantage: In case of a disaster which affects many businesses, the one with a backup plan would be able to restore normalcy in a prompt manner. This gives a competitive edge to those who have a resilient backup plan

Advantages of Data Backup in a Cloud Hosting Solution

A Cloud Web Host stores data on multiple servers, where the resources such as CPU and RAM are shared among various websites. The advantages of having backups are many.

Affordable backup solution: It does not involve the major capital expense of leasing out a physical server. This is ideal for small business on with a tight budget.

Auto schedule backups: One of the major advantages of backups is the automation process. Your web hosting provider can initiate the backup process automatically on a daily or weekly basis. You don’t have to remind yourself every time.

Reliability: Most of the Cloud Hosting providers keeps the backup files stored on off-site data servers. This provides more reliability in your backup and recovery quest. 


Human beings are prone to mistakes. We are not infallible. Any major disaster can take your business lightyears behind other competitors. It is very crucial to have an advanced data backup and recovery plan. Cloud Hosting is an option that may provide the answers for your security concerns. With so many features, they are still cost-effective as most providers have flexible pricing option, where you only pay for the storage you use.