Sludge Dewatering: A Critical Step in Your Waste Disposal Process

If you’re processing industrial waste for recycling, reuse, or disposal, you need to be able to extract unwanted moisture from the material so you can more easily extract the reusable or recyclable substances from your sludge in accordance with EPA guidelines and regulations. Dewatering as a process forks for everything from drying silt from dredged areas to processing the moisture out of materials after using water or another liquid to separate dry substances. Those are hardly the only applications, but they do highlight how vital this physical process can be to a wide variety of industrial applications.

Dewatering Systems and Equipment

Sludge dewatering is a process that needs its own equipment, from presses to pipelines, designed to do a specific job for your company. That means you can’t just buy a few pieces of standard equipment and go, you need to work with a dewatering system provider you will look at your operation and help you decide how to best handle the sludge produced in your operations. Depending on its exact composition and your purposes in processing it, you might also need to work with other equipment providers to design the dry material processing after dewatering, so you’ll want to make sure you work with someone who can help you keep costs down while designing a great system.

Other Wastewater Processing Operations

Chances are pretty good that if you need a dewatering system, you’ll also need other wastewater processing tools. It’s not a prediction, it’s just a trend. Companies who need to extract moisture from materials also tend to need systems for reusing or disposing of it, which might include other denaturing or neutralizing operations performed after processing the solid materials out of the sludge. The best way to make sure all your systems play well together is to work with a wastewater company with the experience and range to help you design a wastewater system end-to-end, with all the separate processes you’ll need along the way.