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Hi TechExperience has touched each nook of our life. Nonetheless, televised keep cricket protection has an armoury of excessive-tech devices that may help the umpire, together with the Hawk-eye system. Hawk-eye makes use of 6 cameras positioned throughout the ground to trace the flight of the ball, then a pc immediately converts their pictures right into a 3D image of the ball’s flight. It’d most likely comply with swing, spin and seam, and predict if the ball would have hit the wicket after hitting a batsman’s pad. This gives the TELEVISION commentator and viewer an unfair profit over the umpire in judging an lbw. Nevertheless, does this undermine an umpire’s dedication which relies on experience that even a laptop can’t match? Even Hawk-eye finds it tough to foretell the bounce of a cricket ball, so it couldn’t on a regular basis be proper. So, ought to Umpires have entry to Hawk-eye … Read more