Tips for Engaging Your Elementary Students

Tips for Engaging Your Elementary Students

If you’re an elementary teacher, you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep your students interested throughout your lessons. By introducing various props and teaching methods, you can encourage your students to participate, enhance their learning experience and make them excited to learn.

Use White Boards

Individual dry erase boards are an easy and fun way to get more students to participate. When you typically pose a question to the class, you may have some students who always raise their hand and some who don’t. By having your students guess their answers by writing them on white boards, you give introverted and extroverted students equal control over their voice. White boards also allow you to easily judge your students’ understanding and can facilitate class discussion.

Play Games

Educational games are an efficient tool for learning that are becoming more and more popular for students of all ages. You can use lesson material from any subject to come up with your own game, makeover a classic like bingo or use a template for a spin-off of Jeopardy. The ideas are endless, and you could even utilize white boards or other props. Games are a certain way to get students excited, and before long they’ll be having so much fun that they’ll forget they’re learning.

Excite All the Senses

Any student can get bored of repetitive deliveries, and supplementing or changing out your lessons with activities that appeal to the senses will pique your students’ interest. One way you could do this is by bringing in props or food during a science or history lesson for your students to experience firsthand. Other examples include simply showing a video, going out for a field trip or even playing games that get your students thinking creatively.

Your lessons don’t have to be boring! You can effectively teach your students and get them excited for a lifetime of learning by incorporating these tips into your lesson plans.