Tips On Air Compressor Maintenance

Keeping the air compressor well-maintained is an obviously crucial but very easy way to lengthen the life of the air compressor. Here are some tips on how to do just that!

1. One of the most obvious things to do is to keep the oil changed. To do this, turn the compressor on for a few minutes beforehand so that the oil has a chance to warm up. The warmth will increase the viscosity of the oil so that it is more easily drained.

2. Remove the air cap and then the oil cap. After these two caps are removed, simply dump the oil out and proceed to install the compressor with brand-new and fresh oil. 3. Changing the air filter is incredibly simple. Some models have filters which screw on and off while there are other Donaldson compressed air filters which simply pull out. They can’t get any more simple than that.

4. To install the air filter, simply reverse the process that was used to take it out. When it comes to air compressor maintenance, this is easily one of the most simple things to do with the compressor.

5. Replacing the worn compressor belt can be almost as easy as changing the air filter. To do this, simply locate the position of the worn belt, take it off, and put a new belt on in reverse position. It really is this easy.

6. BY keeping the routine maintenance in place, you will ensure that the air compressor enjoys a nice and long extended life span versus an early breakdown due to worn parts and other preventable neglects. For more information about quality air filters, simply click the link within the article and a friendly customer service agent will respond as quickly as possible.