What to Know Before Getting A Projector Rental

What to Know Before Getting A Projector Rental

Normally for an event you will find yourself needing a projector. You can either buy one or simply rent one for the time period you need it. Projectors can be wonderful things when speaking to a large audience and needing to show the details of a plan. They allow the presenter to express their project on a bigger scale while using graphics on a screen. That said, here are some things to consider before getting a projector for your next or current event.

Bulb Life

When you rent ask the company how long the bulb lasts when setting up the projector and using it for a long period of time. It is recommended to never rent a projector where the bulb goes forever. Any rental company should be able to inform you of how long all bulbs will last in their projectors. Here are some great suggestions at https://hartfordrents.com/projector-rental.


Many people have found themselves in a bad place when trying to move a project to various locations. If it gets damaged, then your event will certainly suffer. You must be extremely careful when moving any projector, you either own or rent. If it’s a Halogen type of bulb these can get damaged fairly quick. The same goes for any projector that has color wheels or even LCD panels. Avoid the situation when you have struggled to move a projector and then it fails to work when you show up at your event. Most projectors will come in a fitted case, but that doesn’t mean they are fully protected.


It can be a bit of a hassle when you have to position your projector to fit your screen. It will take a couple of tries so get ready for the long-haul work. You should create or have some kind of plan in place regarding any kind of setup. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the rental staff what is the best position for the projector. You should share you event information with them so they can give you the best advice. Try positioning your projector away from any key stoning. Don’t make your audience stretch to see the screen or the projector’s picture on the screen. Be aware of a projector blocking any paths or cables lying on the floor that can cause unexpected accidents.


You must adequately check the distance of your projector to the screen’s output. The picture size may come out differently than you expect if you miscalculate the settings. Take the time to measure any distance between the projector and the screen itself. Renting a projector for your scheduled events can bring them alive and really impress the audience. Plan ahead and understand the distance between the screen and the projector. Consider the picture size and make sure no cables are obstructing walkways. Further, don’t place the projector in a way where it is blocking the audience’s view. Find out what the bulb life is from the staff to avoid it dying in the middle of your event as well.