Benefits of Cannabis-based POS Software

Benefits of Cannabis-based POS Software

The cannabis industry has really taken off since the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. Despite one form or the other only being available in select states, it has still proven itself a huge money maker. Now, a business once akin to that of bootlegging operations during prohibition, is becoming more like a neighborhood coffee joint. The age of the budtender is primed to gain national favor. This is great news for cannabis suppliers and sellers. It also means that if you are in the cannabis industry you need to take your business a little more seriously. For many states marijuana is on the level of prescription drugs, this means companies have to adhere to mainstream business standards. Luckily, technology has provided useful software for this purpose in point-of-sale systems. Here are a few reasons why POS software having is a must for your cannabis company.

Product Design

Innovative design allows your business to operate easily. It is also a key tenet of a PS system. POS systems are easy to set up and simplify the overall user experience. This is important as budtender turnover is just as bad as anywhere else in the retail sector. As staff moves in and out having a system that is easy to master makes training a breeze. It also optimizes budtender performance by giving dispensary agents strain descriptions, treatment uses, prices, and stock levels with the push of a button. They can easily provide answers to any consumer questions with a simple tap.


The cannabis industry has standards just like any industry. Often times those standards change and fluctuate. To make sure that your business is always complaint and not in violation can be an arduous task. Luckily, POS software makes compliance a breeze. Its functions alert you to changes in regulations and look for any violations. Using POS software allows your company to always be compliant. It must be constantly updated however, that way it will always know the latest regulations to follow.


A key tenet of POS software is the compliance reporting feature. Cannabis suppliers have to constantly submit daily reports. This can be a tedious exercise that takes a little bit to perform. POS software makes it a simple point-and-click task. It essentially handles all the tracking for you. POS software like Green Bits optimizes your companies tracking, inventory, and ensures that daily reports are extremely accurate. Also, being that it is software it eliminates the risk of human error. This saves you from the hassle of correcting troublesome reporting mistakes.

It can be Cloud-Based or Local

POS software also has the ability to be cloud-based or locally hosted. This means depending on your preference your company information can be mobile, or secure to one location. This is a great option for those who have a strict preference. Local hosted software has its own set of pros and cons, as does cloud-based software, but the option to choose either lets you control your company your way.