Keeping Decorative Bodies of Water Sanitary

Keeping Decorative Bodies of Water Sanitary

A decorative pond or lake on your property can add beauty and value to it. It attracts wildlife throughout the year. It also provides a quiet place of respite by which can relax.

However, the lake or pond on your property is only as valuable and peaceful as it is sanitary and safe. When it becomes laden with debris like algae and scum, it may become an unwelcome fixture that you must take care of right away. Rather than do the work yourself, you can hire a company that specializes in cleanup, maintenance, and pond management to do the work for you.

Thorough Evaluations

Before the company can clean out your lake or pond, the contractors first need to understand what is causing the problem. What is making the water scum over? What is causing the water to become polluted and smelly?

The contractor who arrives to your property will first take a sample of the water to check issues like the pH balance. If the water is too acidic, the contractor might add tablets to make the water more base. However, if the water is too base, the person may add a bit more acid to level out the pH balance.

At the same time, this person will remove scum and algae and perhaps add algae tablets to the water to prevent new growth. Once the pond is cleaned, the company can continue to send someone out to your property on a weekly basis to maintain the results and prevent new issues from arising.


You may not have realized at first that the water in your pond or lake needs to be aerated. Aeration prevents growth of algae and scum on the surface of the water. It also helps sustain any fish or wildlife that live in or near the water.

The company specializes in selling aerator pumps that are designed for decorative bodies of water. You can find out more about the models and pricing by visiting the company’s website today. You can also arrange for it to be installed quickly.