Cost Effective Ways to Advertise

Cost Effective Ways to Advertise

Whether you have a product or a business to promote, advertising costs money. There are several low-cost, high-yield alternatives to expensive mailers or television advertisements. Spread your message the least expensive way possible for the greatest return on your investment.

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Advertise on Vehicles

Almost everyone is stuck in traffic at some point during the day. This is a perfect opportunity for the bored commuter to check-out the bright advertisement on the car next to them. For example, Texas is a big state, so just imagine how much advertisement you could get from bumper stickers, full car wraps or custom vehicle graphics Austin TX! Your delivery van or truck is already out there on the road. Why waste the opportunity to spread the word?

Advertise in E-mail

Use your e-mail signature to advertise your business. Your employees probably send out 50-100 emails a day. If every employee included a dynamic signature line with your company’s logo, that’s a lot of free advertisement. In addition, creating a marketing strategy that includes coupons and other incentives is free because the e-mails are already going out. If you gain a handful of new customers, it’s worth the effort because it’s almost no cost to you.

Advertise Through Reviews

Adding customer reviews to your websites only costs as much as creating or buying that program. After that, the customer does all the work to help advertise your product. Of course, it helps immensely if you have very high consumer satisfaction, so don’t go this route unless you’re fairly certain it will bring you five-star ratings.

Experts like the US Business Administration and others suggest spending 7%-20% of your revenue on advertising and marketing depending on the type of business or product you are selling and what stage of the growth plan you’re in. Business owners know this is not chump change; therefore, it’s important to spend that money wisely. Choosing cost-effective modes of advertisement just make good money sense.