Can You Use Concealment Apparel For More Than Just Weapons?

Can You Use Concealment Apparel For More Than Just Weapons?

Concealment apparel manufacturers take great pride and care in constructing top-quality apparel pieces with reinforced stitching. These pieces are made from durable and comfortable materials and are designed to allow gun owners the opportunity to discreetly store weapons and ammunition on their body. While the vast majority of men and women purchasing concealment apparel do so for reasons pertaining to weapons holstering, there are a growing number of people who are purchasing this type of apparel as an alternative to storing other essentials.

Undercover Clothes: Hands-Free Ways To Store Your Essentials

Many people have discovered that concealment apparel provides a sleek way to store things like smartphones, key cards, ID cards and cash for quick errands or trips around town. Undercover clothes have built-in pockets for housing weapons and magazine clips, knives and other self-defense accessories. While these pockets were designed with weapon storage in mind, they are also stretchy and can conform to objects of various sizes. Many modern women are tossing their favorite handbags aside and opting to store their essentials in concealment leggings, tank tops and sports bras.

An Alternative To Exercise Apparel

An equal number of men and women are hopping on the alternative workout gear trend by purchasing concealment apparel to store their media devices, gym membership cards, protein bars and keys while working out at the gym. Since concealment apparel is fitted and can be layered under looser clothing, no one will suspect you have an arsenal of accessories hiding under your top layer of clothing.

As Shapewear

While they were not manufactured or designed to act as a girdle, most concealment apparel pieces are constructed with a high percentage of stretch fabrication. They are designed to hug the body without providing added bulk or bunching up. Their fitted silhouette inadvertently provides a moderate amount of smoothing and shaping. Many men and women are utilizing concealment apparel under fitted suits and sheath dresses.

Concealment apparel is designed for discreetly carrying weapons. Creative people, however, have found inventive and effective alternatives for their use by incorporating these pieces into their daily routine.