Setting Up a Packaging Operation

Manufacturing chemicals, paint, and similar products is just the first step in getting them ready for market. You must also package the products you produce. This includes canning or bottling the products, labeling them, and boxing them up for shipment.

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Filling Cans or Bottles With Your Product

You need filling machines and equipment to accurately and consistently put your products in their primary containers. They need to be chosen and maintained to dispense your products based on their viscosity, whether or not they are intended for use with food products, and other factors.

Labeling the Finished Product

The quality of your label graphics is often a key success factor in creating your brand image and selling your product. Even for industrial products, the product image is often seen on eCommerce sites and part of the initial impression your customer gets about your item. Fortunately, full-color printing has gotten less expensive, and available in shorter runs. You can also contract with artists using freelance services. 

Don’t forget that you must also include whatever information is required by law. Hazardous material information must be supplemented by a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Information for use, application, resealing, disposal and storage must also be included, as the customer may find your container without any other information about your product.

Boxing Your Product Up for Shipment

Packaging doesn’t end with the primary container. It must also be packaged for shipment, sometimes as part of a multi-unit package. The outer corrugated packaging must also contain basic information about your product, like quantities included in the package and hazardous materials information if applicable. If you’re selling your product in very large quantities, the boxes may be further consolidated into pallets of product that a forklift can put into trucks.

If you find quality suppliers for each of these areas, you can put together a packaging operation to be proud of. Your product will get to market safely and looking good.