Web design: the importance of graphics

The image on the web is (almost) everything. The emotional impact generated by what we see has always been a fundamental element in the field of communication and advertising, and today it is especially in the world of the web. A company can’t afford to lose potential customers or loyal customers because of an incorrect and unpleasant management of its image, be it in terms of (for example, talking about the website) color combinations of colors, style choice and formatting of texts, location of contents, design, etc.

Vision is the sense that is most used in the web. And it is the sense that most influences users’ behavioral decisions. For these reasons it is becoming more and more appropriate to create sites that follow appropriate design and style logic and that are able to capture the attention of users, facilitating their navigation.

With this you should not exaggerate with color, shades and combinations because otherwise you will get a site that does not comply with the visual canons of the users, giving the impression of a difficult usability. Don’t place your site visitors on a problem (in accessing your website) otherwise you will lose them quickly. This is one of the basic principles of web design.

The color determines the recognisability and traceability of the corporate brand so it is necessary, during the creation of the site, to rotate around the colors of the brand in order not to go off the subject and emphasize the corporate identity. Mainly the user of the web processes shades, light and dark, secondly he will remember the precise color so, it is the main task of a good web designer to match the colors of the site with the company logo to spring emotions to the end user.

You must understand that writing within a website must be “reader oriented” and must be composed of short periods with simple and common words avoiding elaborate concepts and you must establish relationships face to face with users. Whether it is color or writing, the important thing is to have the right style to attract and retain the greatest number of potential users, who will have to choose from a myriad of increasingly fierce competitors and will be ready to put you in the background if you do not have an “image “at the height. Be careful and ensure you have an image representing your business in a good way.

The selection of logos and colors determines the initial view. Success starts from the first view so how can you succeed in your next steps if you can’t attract the attention of your potential customers? Just be wise and diligent in searching information as many as possible.